Creating Value

from Waste

With an ever-increasing amount of waste being generated, the need for efficient solutions has been on the rise as well. We have specialized in understanding the problem at hand and providing the most effective waste management solutions to prevent, treat, and transform waste streams into valuable products, all while minimizing environmental pollution.

Technologies we work with 

Municipal Waste Management Plant


Our multi-purpose treatment plant allows the optimized conversion of the following waste streams: 

  • Aggregated Municipal Waste
  • Sewage sludge and wastewater of septic tanks
  • Tires, wood waste, and unsorted garbage
  • Reduction and restoration of landfills
  • Hospital waste and specific toxic waste
  • Supermarket waste, expired food, and waste from gardens and parks
  • Commercial waste and light industry waste
  • Floating waste



Water Treatment

The worlds smallest water purification device.

It helps produce clean water by using the most advanced and compact filtration system. Environmental pollution is avoided in the entirety of the process.

Main Benefits

Low Emissions

Clean processes characterize all of our solutions. We recycle and reuse a high percentage of waste products without emitting toxic fumes to the environment. 

Environmental Restoration 

Our solutions revert damage already done to the environment by remediating landscapes, like landfills, in order to reuse waste and use all possible resources. 

Technologies for local action

Home BioGas

Generating Biofuel from waste generated at home, while also creating fertilizer is a huge advancement that is attainable today! Not only is it immediately valuable by producing energy from waste, it also greatly reduces the load that municipalities have to take on which can impose tremendous costs. Truly a sustainable solution.


Various sources of pollution have generated waste in the water of many locations worldwide. With this technology we can gather and remove any unwanted plastic, flora, and various types of waste that can be affecting your community. It can also monitor water levels for chemical or pollutant analysis.


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