Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings 

Buildings provide most of our shelter needs. However, we often see that there are major problems that are not taken into account when building and maintaining these buildings optimally.

Some of the main pillars of this strategy are:

Improved energy efficiency

Energy consumption in buildings (especially for heating and cooling) are attributed to over half of global warming emissions worldwide.

Optimization of resource use

Every resource utilized in building operation and construction should be measured and taken care of especially regarding water, waste, and green spaces.

Reduction of operation costs

Operations costs amount to over 80% of the lifetime costs associated to a new construction. Reducing these optimizes overall profitability.

Real-time Monitoring

Intelligent buildings know what is happening each second. Knowledge is power. With advanced and continuous measurement of resource use, better decisions can be made to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Holistic view

Get a holistic view of your buildings use and operation to uncover anomalies


Use dashboards to empower occupants by providing access to real-time data and measure progress.


Plan infrastructure upgrades and understand where the most valuable improvements can be made.

Easy to Use

Improved working and living conditions. Knowing how to optimize consumption improves quality of life.

Combined Solutions

Water Saving Kits

Toilets, aerators, and showerheads can make a world of a difference.

Real-time Resource Monitoring

Measure all the inputs and outputs of your buildings in real time to improve operations

Advanced Filtration

Air quality is a huge factor in productivity and quality of life for building occupants.

Sustainability Certification

Create that holistic approach to improve all areas to create a truly sustainable building.

Let's optimize your buildings

Let us know what type of buildings you have and where you see improvements can be made.




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