What we do 

Bringing Sustainability to life is no easy task. What we do is analyze multiple angles, methods of action, strategies, and implementation plans to help further a culture of balanced development. In short, we make this world a better place. 


Find out how you can work with us to advance as a group. 

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Sustainability Consulting 

Successful companies develop strategies that help foster growth in the short and long term. We help structure, initiate, and maintain initiatives that contribute positively to the overall improvement of business operations. Sustainability is bringing together a balance of increasing profit, developing people, and helping the planet.

Energy and Gas Savings 

Energy use is responsible for almost 80% of the operational cost of some companies. 

Creating savings in this area is fundamental to increase profitability and use resources as efficiently as possible. Learn how to establish a plan and implement practical measures now.

Solar Energy Implementation 

The path to energy independence begins with using infinite resources. 

Contact us to learn more about how to include a solar energy strategy for your home, business, or community and unleash the power of the sun. 

Carbon Emissions Reductions 

What you do today affects us all. 

Andromeda CG has specialized in finding various ways for you and your company to reduce harmful emissions and even save money along the way! 

It’s a win-win-win for all.

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