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Water scarcity is one of the most important issues in our society and unfortunately little is being done to service communities in need around the world.


Reducing water consumption is probably the most important step in abolishing the water misuse problem. Minimal changes across society can go a long way in resolving this main problem.


Accumulating rainwater is extremely important when creating sustainable societies. Every resource is incredibly valuable until the last drop! Businesses and homes suffer from the same woes.


Although water seems endless only a limited portion is fresh, and even less potable. Reusing water sources allows us to maintain a healthy usage cycle.

immediate actions

appliance reduction

General water use at home is one of the most wasteful practices that we don’t even notice we’re committing. However, new advanced technology can step in and solve this issue without a problem.

Efficient disposal

How we dispose of our waste should also be mindful. Reducing the water use by half is incredibly useful as this can be beneficial to the first solution of reduction. Combine it with water reuse and you’re well on your way to sustainable development!


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Being able to track and maintain accurate records can be beneficial to help detect leaks and misuse that can be tackled quickly.

Water filtration Andromeda CG

Filtration is Key!

Even though there are water sources available, not all of them are safe to drink. Even your local water may not be as ‘clean’ as you think.


Curious to find out the water quality in your town? Check it out here

If this problem is present in the United States, imagine how bad it is in other parts of the world!

Being conscious about this resource and how it affects out daily life can have huge ramifications that can positively affect your life individually (since we cannot survive without this vital resource, might as well make it as clean as possible!).