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A consulting company possessing stars in multiple fields combining ideas to bring you the best alternatives to today’s problems.

Business Management

Every business can be upgraded. The ones that stay stagnant, usually decline rapidly. Have you been able to find the perfect balance?

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energia solar colombia

Renewable Energy

Not taking advantage of renewable energy is a big mistake that could lead to loss of external competitiveness and costly internal inneficiency.

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Waste Minimization

Why use more resources than you need? Eliminate waste and avoid legal repercussions by adding new and innovative technologies.

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Process Improvement

What is the quickest way from A to Z. Usually a straight line, but not in business. How should you leverage all possible tools to achieve your goals?

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international funding Andromeda CG

International Funding

Know what organizations are looking to fund your dream project? We might! Let’s work together to find the best resources to increase the impact of your initiatives.

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For the time being, we will need to use all precautions to continue to revamp our economy and prevent another setback. Make sure you’re covered.

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added value

Having experts from multiple fields allows us to combine experiences and develop solutions that are inaccessible to most teams. Being able to provide measurable development through improvements that take into account various perspectives creates lasting and more meaningful change.

Innovation Andromeda CG

Constant Innovation

Pushing the boundaries of how a business can exist in the vanguard of technology is our day-to-day. Emerging technologies spring up every day and, although we can’t implement them all, we surely can add a few to your portfolio to keep you competitive in this ever-changing world. 

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Why postpone developing your best-case scenario? Is it adding technology, improving your processes, bridging communication gaps or finance siloes, whatever it is we can find a way to integrate it to your system and find a way to optimize the way you do business today.