Solving society’s most difficult problems.

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effectively and efficiently. Achieving a sustainable world is a complex approach and we combine efforts from many areas to make this happen.

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Renewable Energy

Never has it been more valuable to be self-reliant regarding your energy needs. Use the sun and other resources to your benefit and to achieve sustainability targets for your ESG goals.



Our interdisciplinary team of experts has helped businesses in all aspects of improving a company’s strategy including software, human resources, finance, and more.


Waste Management

A huge percentage of global emissions come from landfill gases that pollute our atmosphere, which could be mitigated greatly with more efficiency! Find out how to find treasure in your trash today to improve profitability and sustainability.


Our hat is deep…

Because sustainability is so interlinked with various processes and value chains, we have developed expertise in many areas including international cooperation, PPA’s, government and NGO aid, as well as end-of-life uses with many materials that close the circle of sustainability.

our history

Collaborating to create
a better future.

Having decades of experience in the field of developing international solutions, we have realized that there is a long way to go. Among all our experts we share experiences to implement solutions that have a high impact on the social, environmental, and economic aspects.

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Learn more about our solutions! Here’s an appetizer of what you can expect when collaborating with us. There are many solutions for sustainability and we definitely have some of the best available.

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In modern times companies and municipalities combine expertise from multiple disciplines to create effective plans. Combining our experience in a multitude of areas we can generate added value for any entity that wants to improve its profitability taking into account the sustainability of long-term plans.

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At Andromeda Consulting Group we specialize in learning to organize the best human, technological, and strategic resources to create high-impact projects.